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About Us
Empire Inc Holdings Pte Ltd is a holding company that comprises of multiple companies established to empower lives by delivering high-quality training, education and career development. Empire Inc Holdings Pte Ltd is a multinational company based in Singapore and presence in Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, India, China, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka. Empire Inc Holdings Pte Ltd offers customized products and services that will make a difference in companies, employees, and students. Empire Inc Holdings Pte Ltd helps individuals to improve their competitiveness and achieve their career ambitions. Empire Inc Holdings Pte Ltd also supports organizations to groom their talents and deliver business performance improvements.


Our Vision is to empower the world thru leadership, discipline and bonding... To create multiple business communities in Asia and its neighbours... To create our own economies within our zones and districts...



Our Mission is to build people, build businesses and build communities by training the right people, creating the right environment and getting the right leaders to lead them...





As Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Empire Inc. Holdings believes that in order to survive in the fast-changing modern world we have today, one must be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills. Education helps people to gain the knowledge and skills that will serve as a stepping stone for their success and a catalyst for change

Training is the process of bringing a person to a standard of proficiency by giving specialised or practical skills and knowledge. Empire Inc. Holdings provides training to improve the capability, productivity, and performance of companies’ employees. Continuous training is very important to groups and individuals in order to maintain, upgrade, and update their skills throughout their career.

Career is an individual’s journey through learning, work, and other aspects of life. It’s a path where they have opportunities to progress and see themselves successful in life. Empire Inc. Holdings offers you opportunities to help you become a better person with a fulfilling career.

Moving to a new country is a huge challenge generally fuelled by many insecurities and uncertainties, and the key to success and settling down quickly in a new country is to be armed with an informed process every step of the way. This will result in appropriate and constructive decisions about applying for visas and permits as well as living and working aboard.

International Presence

Empire Inc. Holdings is a multi-national company with offices based in Singapore and presence in Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, Philippines, China, Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Vietnam, South Korea, and Uzbekistan.