Career is an individual’s journey through learning, work and other aspects of life. It’s a path where they have opportunities to progress and see themselves successful in life. Career is what life offers you and how you make use of these opportunities to help you become a better person.



Your Human Resource Solutions

Founded in 2012, EGR has provided innovative foreigner and local human resource solutions to various industries. Through the years, EGR has taken a leading role in the human resource industry by providing personalised service to both employees and employers.

With strategic partnership and professional consultants, EGR is able to provide a full-service human resource solution that includes recruitment and retention of staff.


International Hospitality Retail Food Services Management Advisory Pte Ltd

Why a Hospitality, Retail, Food Services Management Team?

We outsource our own hospitality, retailers and food services staff to our customer’s premises or offices. Unlike other recruitment agencies, our exclusive hospitality, retail food services related businesses allow us to stay up-to-date on all aspects of the industry, which means you can count on expert advice from our service. We thoroughly research each staff’s background, education and training. We screen for leadership and management abilities. Our goal is to understand your needs, current staff member personalities and job responsibilities. We take all this information into consideration when searching our staff that will have the ability to perform all necessary job requirements and excel while doing so.