Community refers to the interaction between people with different backgrounds and preferences. It’s when people from various cultures come together to have fun and learn from one another’s customs and belief. They participate in exciting and productive activities where they mingle and enjoy their time with others building relationships.


ETT Global Industries


EGI was established in 2009 with a broad vision of empowering and inspiring individuals by providing training, career enhancement and network opportunities. EGI offers membership packages that can help members with continuous support for self-improvement through training, cross-cultural events and professional consultation.

Today, EGI has already spread to 12 nations in Asia, rapidly becoming a renowned and trusted name in network marketing. EGI is based in Singapore, a country known for strict laws in business operations to ensure our members have complete transparency and the best service quality.

EGI aims to be the largest network for professional services through building a domain of connections throughout the whole of Asia, circulating wealth to members in and outside of Singapore while ensuring members get the quality of service that they are entitled to.

EGI offers a membership package that helps members have a better income, a better life and a better future by creating market awareness and promoting cross-culture interaction & events. EGI believes that everyone can improve their lives by grabbing hold of opportunities while doing something they enjoy and love.


BrightWheel Inc


Bright Wheel Inc is a creative communications studio that provides holistic art and language programs to develop your child's cognitive function and socio-emotional skills.

Our team of facilitators and seasoned practitioners in art, visual, and language communication are dedicated and passionate in delivering our ideology, methodology, and curriculum to the next generation.

We are driven by the notion that every child's learning journey mirrors the special and different environments they encounter. By appreciating that art and language is a process, your child will be groomed effectively to utilize the skill sets that they have been exposed to in school. We also cultivate creative problem-solving skills, positive self-thinking, and independent cognitive-communication. Your child will be inspired to be the best version of themselves through our programs.



Free Food for students had given out more than 3600 meals since the situation with COVID-19 has started.

Our company supporting every student who stuck in Singapore, providing meals for students. We deliver ready to eat meals to the homes of various needy students in Singapore.

Food from the Empire Inc. is a food charity that feeds the needy students in Singapore. Our food distribution programs are run with a sustainable charity in mind. This means that we are committed to providing continued food security to our students for as long as they need it. We have developed a wide network providing daily meals by connecting the dots between those who are willing to help and those who need help.

Our partner City of Manchester Centre of Management (CMCM) providing free 2 months online courses for everyone to develop their skills and give them new knowledge, after courses everyone who participated in free online programs will get a certificate from the City of Manchester Centre of Management (CMCM).